Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Ed

You know, it's getting quite entertaining (if not outright ridiculous) about just how little the left really knows about the Second Amendment and facts surrounding shootings throughout the last 20 years or so.  It's to the point now where it's not even about gun control anymore.  It's increasingly about how the elitists on the left really do not care about the safety of their fellow citizens, only about their legacy of "best intentions."  I mean we have the astonishingly ignorant and at the same time just as astonishingly arrogant Piers Morgan, who when confronted with facts he simply cannot debate, resorts to infantile name-calling.  Not surprising coming from a lefty, but Morgan is viewed as some intellectual know-it-all who supposedly cannot lose.  But it seems all he wants people to know about-given his actions as opposed to intentions-is how much people are "unbelievably stupid" because they don't agree with his opinions and shredding of the Constitution.  Too bad he doesn't know he already has lost on the debate and numbers front.

Ed Schultz on the other hand has proven his idiocy time and time again.  I really don't know what the color the sky is in his tiny world, but once again he pseudo-confidently misinformed his less than tiny audience (check his ranking in Talkers magazine...if you can find it) that there has "never been a civilian that has stopped a shooting."  That's right, never!

Forget about the security guard that saved potentially "hundreds of lives" in Colorado Springs in 2007, forget about the civilian who stopped a stabbing spree in Salt Lake City back in April.  Or how about in 2002 when a shooter was stopped by two students with personal firearms?  What about an off-duty police officer stopping a shooter in San Antonio with her own personal firearm last month, just three days after the Sandy Hook shooting?  Does this guy even hear himself?  Does he realize, even a little bit, of how much of a fool he has been for so long.  Let's not even get into his deceptive editing as a tool to pull the race card like he did with Rick Perry.

More examples...

These examples are in no way meant to marginalize the shootings or disrespect the victims, but merely to show how the paranoid and ignorant left (or worse, potential outright liars) twist, misrepresent and manipulate the facts to their own benefit.  They think of nothing of the future victims they are surely creating by wanting to disarm Americans.  Oh, they say they don't want to disarm people and they're all for self-defense, but when they use words like "confiscate," it tells a much different story.

The bottom line is, yeah, I wouldn't take anything Ed Schultz has to say (really about anything) to heart without knowing his gaffe lie-filled history...which he also foolishly denies.


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