Saturday, January 26, 2013

MSNBC Lies about Another Law to Smear Right to Lifers

Nevermind the fact that the liberal media for the most part totally ignored the 40th March For Life, this happens so much that their sheep audience must think this is the classic, standard practice for journalism.  Pick a side, smear the people you disagree with (especially when the facts aren't on your side, so you have to make up stuff) then smear them again when they debunk your very easily affirmed B.S.

Such is the case again with yet another MSNBC host (along with The Huffington Post) who decided to use a false abortion law story to knowingly lie in order to smear conservatives.  The guilty party this time is Thomas Roberts.  From NBC and Andrea Mitchell's willful video editing deception to smear both George Zimmerman and Mitt Romney, to Ed Schultz's same method to smear Rick Perry as a racist, to all the misinformation and ignorance (and re-writing) of history by Rachel Maddow; why doesn't anyone on the left even remotely question these goofs?  Does the NBC Universal brass agree with this type of punk journalism and lies?  Apparently so.

Say what you want about FOX News (you know, the one conservative outlet-that still kicks their behinds in the ratings for the last 12 years by the way) but this joke of a network seems to have free reign in lying their asses off  and nobody on the left cares.  Why?  Because they obviously agree whole-heartedly with the way things are run at BSLSD.


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