Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Biden Counting On "Legitimate Media" to Help with Gun Control

In a round-a-bout way, Vice-President Joe Biden admitted that the Obama administration is relying on the liberal media (who he laughingly described as the "legitimate media") to help with disarming Americans.  Oh, sure they don't "plan" on taking away Americans means to defend themselves next week, or even next year, but if they implement their plans to do away with "assault" weapons like they tried to do before with the Brady Bill and so on they will learn (yet deny) that it has absolutely no effect on insane would-be mass murderers getting the weapon(s) they need (whatever their choice of weapon may be, be it guns, knives, bombs, sticks or bricks)  Once they implement this, they'll be back for more, as history dictates.  Just like Dianne Feinstein "would have done," but there "just wasn't enough votes."

The bottom line is, Obama's people have taken to their media enablers to do their anti-second amendment job for them.  Their petulant arguments are that weak.  The media, who are supposed to work for the people , are now official Marxist government lackeys.


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