Friday, February 08, 2013

Liberals Excited at FOX's (Eventual) Ratings Decline-Omit Theirs Hasn't Changed from Dead Last

Liberals across the board are all giddy about the most recent cable ratings that has FOX News losing some viewers in primetime.  Joy Behar is also seemingly beside herself that Dick Morris and Sarah Palin are no longer employed by the right-leaning network.
But Behar (like all prima-dona liberals) won't tell you that not only did MSNBC and Current TV lose viewers as well (Current TV with hardly any to start with-except the anti-American ramblings of al Qaeda sympathizers that Al Gore did not give one hoot about when he sold his now Qatar-based, oil sucking, America-hating, anti-Semitic network) but that even though FOX doesn't have the numbers it ruled the cable news business for the last 12 years, it still is number one.

 One thing you can be guaranteed to see (or not see as the case may be) is Joy Behar on Current TV for the long term.  Since Current TV has no influence within North America, and I doubt the new masters of the network will take kindly to a woman of (uninformed) opinion flapping her gums on television unless it's to bash America-or she'll just be "directed" into wearing a Hijab or Burqa.  Either way, apart from her proving she's a useful idiot each and every day on The View, Behar's days on TV annoying America are numbered.


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