Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Left Fall for Another Bogus Study-"Less Intelligent" FOX News Viewers Vindicated

Remember the "study" that found FOX News viewers are supposedly less informed than regular watchers of other cable news channels?  Well as much as people-especially on the left-loved to believe it, once again they will fall for anything they really want to believe in.  Unfortunately for them, these "studies" have turned out to be bogus.  Not surprising really. These types of stories and/or studies usually turn out to be wrong.  Whenever an accusation from the MSNBC crowd, or something from the New York Times that denigrates Republicans (of course that is something they have no problem with printing onto the front page) usually within two to four weeks, some new information comes along to expose faulty, corrupt or bias data within the parameters of the studies questions or reasoning.

Maybe, instead of rushing to believe anything demeaning conservatives, they may want to do some research and save themselves some embarrassment.
But just like the "progressive" MSM, who rush to find any fault (preferably the criminal kind) with the Tea Party without any substantial proof, this too shall be ignored.

This will really go over well with the Obamaphiles over at MSNBC, especially Chris "Tingle" Matthews.  You know, "It's the video, everyone knows it's the video," when discussing what was the real catalyst for the Benghazi terrorist riot.  Now if you want to talk about who's uninformed...


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