Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MSM Finally (But Too Late) Asking Questions About Benghazi

It appears the mainstream media has finally (albeit way too late for any justice to be done as all the principle players are now safely out of office) started to do their job that should have been done eight long months ago.  If it wasn't for right-wing bloggers and FOX News (who, by the way, are owed a great many apologies for the typical accusations of being "liars") this story would have died on the vine.  But alas Hillary Clinton, Leon Panneta, Susan Rice and

CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott grilled Deputy Spokesman Patrick Ventrell for saying that the State Department hasn't had access to transcripts of interviews.

Up until yesterday, the mantra of the MSM has seemingly been what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bellied at Congress during her hearing, "What, at this point, does it matter?"  She'll be hearing that one for years to come.  Will it derail her presidential aspirations for 2016?  Probably not.  The press may be asking questions now, but they're a forgetful lot; especially when one of their favorites is in the hot seat.  The left-wing media (after denying this story in it's entirety in the beginning) will simply call it "old news" and tell te rest of us to move on.  What a difference a president makes.

And what will be the agenda of the Democrats?  Save Hillary at all costs.

And what about President Obama?  Don't expect him to accept any blame (unless it's politically expedient to do so) he'll just do what he always does, throw others under the bus.  In fact, right now, he's probably thinking up some diversionary "crisis" to throw the dogs off the scent.  Something tells me he'll succeed.

Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will begin to hold long-awaited hearings on the matter.  Baited breath shall be awaited with.


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