Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bush's Approval Numbers Up, Joan Walsh Calls Boston Bombing Victims an "Unfortunate Blip"

In a recently released Washington Post survey, former president George W. Bush's approval numbers are up, while in the same time period, President Obama's numbers are down.  Both men share approval numbers at 48 percent.  So much for Obama the president-God being the most popular ever (which has been complete bunk since day one)

Commenting on the survey,'s ever-failing Joan Walsh said that Bush's upswing is because Obama is doing such a good job *snicker*.  She also said some crap about how "the stimulus worked" (at creating unemployment, sure) and Obama improved the economy instead of the markets mostly correcting themselves.

But the most insulting and insensitive thing Walsh spewed in her desperate attempt to cover Obama is that she also claimed that Obama has "protected" Americans.  How is that for the worst-timed Obama-butt-kissing?  Protected?  Tell that to the families of the Boston Marathon bombings that had loved ones killed or maimed.  Not to mention that terrorist attempts being foiled or failing does not translate into "protecting."   She callously called the bombings an "unfortunate blip" on Obama's record of "protecting" the nation.  You can officially add that to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi as merely "a bump in the road" and Hillary Clinton's "what does it matter?" screeds.

Stay classy Libs. Keep distorting the facts.


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