Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Meaningless Incident

That's what New York Times opinion columnist, Andrew Rosenthal is calling the Kermit Gosnell trial (finally being reported and predictably excused by the MSM-a good six months after the initial story broke.  They did their best, but the media couldn't willfully ignore the story any longer)  according to Rosenthal, the NYT, and every other proponent of killing children in the womb, this has nothing to do with the abortion debate.  That's right, nothing!

It has nothing to do with how when abortion doctor George Tiller was killed, the left went into a tizzy about how a "champion of women's rights" was gunned down in cold blood, while an abortion doctor that actually cut the feet off of babies that had survived the draconian abortion process that he apparently not only had no trouble in snipping the spinal cord/column, but kept the little severed limbs as...I don't know what, mementos?   A reminder of his callous, evil-doing?  Not only that, but there were actual fetus parts clogging up the toilet where the staff-under Gosnell's orders-had flushed, yes flushed fetus remains. According to former employees of Gosnell, when one of the good doctor's innocent and defenseless victims was left for dead in the toilet, the baby was "still moving, trying to get out."

To add to the story on this Little Shop of Horrors, Planned Parenthood actually knew about the deaths and butchery, but thought better of informing the authorities. 
Color me surprised.


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