Sunday, April 21, 2013

Willful Smearing by the Left-Wing Media Continues Unabated

Per usual when it comes to the unprofessional and biased "reporting" of liberal networks that claim to be "news," they have once again showed how fair and balanced they are (to coin a phrase) by immediately blaming the Boston Marathon bombing on, you guessed it, the "racist, divisive, evil right-wing."  Not only was the left-wing media openly hoping the perpetrators were not only "not Muslim," but they actually wanted a "white American" to be the villain.  Notice how it's "white" American.  Not just American, but white American.  Let's leave that little bit of self-loathing racism out of the equation for the time being.  They also wanted it more than anything to be someone that was a representative of the Tea Party that they have been trying to pin a violent act on for years with no avail.  Ever since the leftist dream of an actual white, anti-government, domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City in April 1995  (that's 18  years ago folks, yet they're still looking, lying about and actually hoping for a domestic, white, Tea Party member to be a terrorist so not only can they be right after being wrong time and time again and unfairly smearing innocent people-i.e. Tea Partiers, conservatives, Republicans, Christians and pretty much any white male) the media has disgustingly been salivating at the very hint of a right-wing terrorist, which hasn't happened since 1995.  But they keep trying.

I have absolutely no idea how the left-wing media minions can honestly look into the camera each and every night and willfully lie to their audience.  They can't name one right-wing domestic terrorist in the last 10 years, nevermind the last six months.  So what do they do?  They simply re-write history and claim that people like Hitler was a right-winger (which is an ludicrous argument for the guy was the head of Germany's National Socialist Party.  He shut down businesses, hated capitalism, outlawed other political parties and redistributed wealth.  What right-wing capitalist has ever done that?) and that every single domestic terrorist, no matter if they killed anyone or not is preemptively determined to be a "angry, white, anti-government, Tea Party bigot/Islamophobe.  Remember the Time Square bomb that thankfully failed to detonate on May 1, 2010?  Before anything was known about the perpetrators New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said so assuredly that it was probably "a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health-care bill or something."  That is the mindset of the left when it comes to domestic terrorism; make accusations about conservatives with no proof what-so-ever.  Demonize who stands apart from you politically and/or socially.  And say what ever you want without anyone holding you responsible...especially the MSM.

And to jut put their knee-jerk reaction stamp on matters and since you know every domestic terrorist for the last 30 years has been a violent, hateful right-winger (except...NONE-oh wait there was that McViegh dude 20 years ago, oh yeah, they used that one already) the Daily Kos keeps this historic white-wash going by a
naming the Tsarnaev brothers as "honorary conservatives."

Paranoid, am I?  Ah, well I guess this little (and by that I mean partial) list of violent crimes perpetrated by people other than "right-wing, hateful, lunatics" may shed a little light in case you too are willfully ignorant.

You remember ABC's Brian Ross not knowing if Aurora, Colorado theater shooter Jim Holmes was a member of the Tea Party or not on Good Morning America, but brought up the idea because some random citizen in Aurora had a Facebook page that said he was affiliated with the low-tax, small government political caucus.  Was that little tidbit "significant?" Not at all. ABC apologized after the show had aired, but they had already planted that little seed.  They instantly did the same with Newtown shooter, Adam Lanza and any other shooting or violent crime that mad national news because they're hoping that eventually, one of their bogus accusations will stick. I mean, the odds would have to be in their favor eventually, right?  It hasn't been since they started white-washing the ultra history of the left, but I suppose most people root for the underdog, right?  So Goooooooooo media!  Then again, people appear to be on to one of the far-lefts favorites.  It appears when people went looking for information about the Boston Marathon bombings, they didn't choose MSNBC.    You know, the supposed bastion of truth that celebrities live and breath for, including the most iconic, most trusted name in news...Jon Stewart.  Guess what cable channel people did choose?  That's right.  FOX News.  The alleged news network that just "lies."  I guess people just want to be lied to.

Now that the two culprits have either been killed or captured, the left is all in mourning over them not being white, male, Christian, Tea-Party members.  And with some background checks leading to the conclusion that Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev had radical Islamist ties, there are those who instinctively have to defend the terrorist brothers, or at least their actions.  Not to mention that contrary to the background checks conducted by the FBI, the act of planting bombs in public places that are designed with shrapnel inside to hurt, mame or kill as many people as possible.  But according to Baher Azmy, the head of the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Tsarnaev brothers committed not a terrorist act, but "an act of criminal depravity...[that's] not a function of where they came from."
In fact, the media is so adamant in wanting to fool the public that the Tsarnaev brothers are "typical Americans," that they've pulled the method that worked so well in unfairly tarnishing George Zimmerman, they decided to use it again-that is simply relaying to their audience that terrorist duo are "white."   Moreover, the MSM is still incredibly resisting that the pair just might be associated with international terrorist group, or groups.

Really.  Isn't just pathetic that not only do these so-called "journalists" actively and publicly wish for white, American domestic terrorists, but that they're actually disappointed when it turns out they're not.  Of course, before we all find out just who exactly is responsible and why, the left-wing media already has their narrative and agenda ready to roll.

Oh, don't worry.  The collective mindset of the liberal media will continue to ignore history, the FBI crime and terror statistics and common sense and continue to besmirch the innocent.


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