Wednesday, July 17, 2013

About the Zimmerman Trial

I purposely didn't post about the George Zimmerman trial while it was ongoing.  First off, not all the facts were in (especially the ones that the prosecution withheld from the defence) and two (and more importantly) it simply wasn't newsworthy.  After all it shouldn't have gone to trial anyway and the outcome was never really in doubt; especially after hearing the testimony of the prosecution's "star witness," Rachel Jeantel.  The only reason it caught the nation's attention after the Sanford, FL police cleared Zimmerman of any wrongdoing and the FBI found no racist motive in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, is that the nation's self-proclaimed "black leaders" or "voices," Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson once again made a point of making a local shooting in self-defence a national story based on race so that they spew their race-baiting tactics to keep racism alive and keep their faces on television.  Firing up racial tension is the M.O. of everything they have to say.  Let's not forget the NAACP's role in all of this either.  If Martin had been white (or Hispanic as Zimmerman is) and Zimmerman had been black, do you really think for one second you would even know their names?  How many names of both black and white victims in the last few months of gun deaths in Chicago do you know?  And why is that?

For their part, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama have got involved early and often.  I'd still like to hear the reasoning behind the Dept. of Justice paying (with taxpayer money) for the busing in of demonstrators to "keep the peace."  Isn't that what the police are for?  Clearly there was more at play here.  What else is the reasoning for this other than to stir up resentment and hatred?  Now that Zimmerman has been exonerated, Holder is considering civil charges against him.  He didn't seem all that concerned about The New Black Panthers intimidating voters while blocking the entrance to voting stations or a certain member of that militant, heavily racist organization, King Samir Shabazz (apparently the Panthers have a monarchy system) calling for the deaths of whites and their babies.  No hate crime there.

MSNBC guest (no surprise) Michael Eric Dyson apparently agrees with his eminence when he recently said the only way for whites to really understand racism is for more of their children to be killed.  That's brilliant.  Combat racism and violence with more racism and violence.  Moreover, the other guests didn't bat an eye about the irresponsible and hateful comments.  Cowards.  Where's the outrage?  Where's Eric Holder investigating Dyson for inciting hate?  Where's Obama to throw in his one-sided two cents?  Again, no surprise.  Dyson and his racist ilk will keep on keeping on because they have the racist Attorney General on their side.  No fear of reprisal, no need for a filter.

As for the Panthers, they're still at it today.  In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, the Panthers are now (or rather still) calling for the deaths, violent deaths, of white people and their infants.  Finally, but certainly not the last we'll hear from these disgusting cretins, the new Panthers Chief of Staff (it looks like not only do the Panthers have a monarchy, but their own system of government) Michelle Williams and her club has put a bounty out on Zimmerman. Again, since when is it lawful to but a bounty on the life of another human being?  Didn't that disappear back in the turn of the century?  I'd expect that from a sheriff or government official back in the Old West, but in 2013? Welcome to Barack Obama and Eric Holder's America.  The Panthers have absolutely no reservations of their intent, which includes initiating a race war.  Thankfully and sanely, these idiots don't have the support of the black community.

Before I forget, I'm still waiting, going on six years now, for the oh so diverse and fair media to tell the world about the torture slayings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.  Maybe Al Sharpton told everyone about it and I missed it. 

Did I mention the DOJ also turning a blind eye to gangs of roaming black teens descending upon unsuspecting whites and beating them to within inches of their lives?  Yeah, there's that too.

As for Obama's part, why the President of the United States would comment on a local case is astounding. Picking sides is even worse.  Would he have if the races of those involved had been reversed?  No he wouldn't.  Proof?  Where was he when two Georgia teens shot a 13-month old baby in the face during a robbery of the baby's mother?  Not a peep from Holder or Obama.  But I shouldn't be surprised.  This president has invoked his irrelevant opinion on race matters before without knowing all the facts.  Remember the case of Henry Louis Gates, Jr?  Together with the Zimmerman fiasco and so much for the "post-racial president."  If the victim is white, it's alright.

Perhaps Obama and Holder's interference in this matter stem from their belief in critical race theory.  The theory that holds the U.S. Constitution does not allow for the "redistributionist change necessary to create a more equal world. To create a more equal world, the Constitution and the legal system would have to be endlessly criticized – hence critical theory – and torn down from within."

Because America doesn't buy into Holder and Obama's neo-politics and personal version of race relations, Holder described Americans as cowards.  Need I say more about this failure? 

So, naturally, in spite of Zimmerman's acquittal, they have to impose their own brand of justice.  Namely ruining the life (if he literally has one with the death threats to him and his family due to, again, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama stirring the pot) of a man that was just vindicated by the judicial system, by abusing his power and sicking the federal dogs on Zimmerman.  Unfortunately for Holder and fortunately for real justice, the above link to the FBI's findings may prove to be quite the hurdle for the so-called nation's "top cop."  You can also add "Weasel" Harry Reid's name to the list of race-baitors.  He said "This isn't over with," concerning the future of George Zimmerman.  What a senator from Nevada has to do with a shooting in Florida, I'll never know; other than to spit in the face of justice and appease his race-baitor friends.  Apparently Reid has never heard of double jeopardy.

So a racist Attorney General, an ill-informed and interfering president, a militant racist group and an over-reaching Nevada senator all plot to circumvent the laws of the land and the Constitution they hate so much because a Hispanic man (by the way, I'm still waiting for the media to start calling Barack Obama a white African American) shot and killed a black teen (who was clearly no angel himself) in the act of lawfully defending himself.

So much for the post-racial presidency.

By the way, for those of you saying if Zimmerman didn't have a gun, this would ended differently, tell that to this police officer.
Oh wait.  You can't.  He's dead.


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