Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sarge Can't Really Make Up His Warped Mind

There can't be anyone on the left that actually listens to this guy is there?  I mean even the most stringent Obamaphile can't believe a word this loon has to say do they?  If so, they're more moonbattery than I thought.

The guy really can't decide who's to blame for all this Obamacare enrolment fiasco: the Republicans, all conservatives, the architect of the website or the American people themselves, whether they helped along the GOP's "agenda," whatever that is this time, for being "on the fear fence."
He also, if you can digest this without gagging, that the mainstream media wants Obamacare to fail.  Yeah, that's right, Sgt, Schultz says the all-Obama-empowering MSM actually wants ObamaCare to fail.  The very same MSM that has gone to bat for the president who has continually lied about keeping your insurance program that you have.

Really.  This guy is just too funny.


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