Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Liberal Journalist Knows the Economy Better Than An Economist

Another night, another MSM defence of President Obama's failure of a policy.

This time CNN's Carol Costello tried to appease all of her Obama-loving audience members that despite the overwhelming evidence (including that of the Congressional Budget Office report-which you know would be used against a Republican president infinitum) that Obamacare will probably cost between one and a half to two million jobs (which was warned since day one)

Costello went into full-white House talking points mode as she vainly attempted to defend the law, saying that the two million is possibly result of "people choosing to leave the workforce because they can afford insurance now.  So, in her mind, if people were given more hours to feed their families, go on a well-deserved vacation, pay off their student loans, what-have-you, they would reject it, because they choose to.
Not because the law in all it's genius is forcing them out of work, but because they choose to.



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