Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Would Be

As usual, the liberal media is helping cover up Democrat scandals by omitting them from their nightly newscasts.  By omitting I mean not telling us what political party they belong to.  And if they don't tell you what party they belong to, you know by default, they are Democrats.  We all know just exactly how long it would take to report Republicans in the same situations.  About 2.6 seconds.

If a Republican were in office, guess how the media would be associating his leadership with that of his party's scandals.  Pretty much like this.  Did you know former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, convicted on a bribary scandal, is a Democrat?  You should.  He's the same mayor that ballyhooed about racism, along with such spoiled and petulant racist celebrities like Kanye West, over Hurricane Katrina while George W. Bush was in office.  But if you do, I'll bet you didn't learn it from the MSM.

Par for the course from the nation's so-called media.


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