Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phony Calls Palin A Moron

So she's been right about the inexperience of Obama.  She's been right about his phony celebrity status. She's been right about "blood libel."  She's was right about Paul Revere.  She was right about the rollout of Obamacare, she was (or at least is going to be) right about it's "death panels" and she was right about the Ukraine and Obama's fecklessness.  She had an 80 percent approval rate as the governor of Alaska.  She fought and defeated corruption of both parties in that state and had more administrative experience going into the '08' election than all participants combined.  That includes Obama, Biden and John McCain himself.  One proven governor versus two life-long senators and one very inexperienced one that was a senator for barely two years.

The useless idiots on the left love to project.  We all know that.  So when a phony plagiariser like Mike Barnicle calls an accomplished woman like Sarah Palin (who, to his credit, Joe Scarborough reminded his bubble-headed co-host, Mika Brzezinski that Palin is in fact an intelligent woman when she piled onto Barnicle's misogynistic comment) it really exposes their overall mentality.  I mean still with the "I can see Russia from my house" crap?  They know she didn't say it, they know it was coined by Tina Fey on an SNL in a parody, but they still attribute it to her.  Chris Matthews gets all in a tiff when the right reminds him of his "thrill up my leg" comment (which the right harasses him with "tingle"-which is a lot more fun) so why does the former persist?  All in all, when she's proven to be correct by historians, proven to be right in her ascertation of Obama's inexperience and foreign policy weakness and has from the moment Obama declared his candidacy.

I would absolutely love phonies like Barnicle and Brzezinski to have a debate with Palin on issues of the day and watch them get destroyed.  Even Vice President Joe Biden and Democrat strategist James Carville say Palin has always been mistreated by the press (in Carville's case, having a conservative wife may have helped him see through the liberal haze) and has been unfairly characterised.  The more she exposes them, the more they fear her and the more that forces them to make inaccurate and potentially libellous accusations and falsehoods for their fellow lemmings to gestate and regurgitate at will.

Speaking of liberal lemmings smearing Palin, the aforementioned Chris Tingle once again showed how much of a moron and sh*t disturber he is.

That's the formula for the left on Palin (or anybody they really don't like, agree with or fear)  Don't debate, denigrate.


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