Saturday, March 01, 2014

Media Once Again Misleads the Public

This time it's about the so-called "anti-gay" bill, SB 1062 in Arizona, vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer. Contrary to what the talking heads on the idiot box said, the bill was NOT an "anti-gay" bill.  It was about reinforcing religious freedom.  In fact, it was simply an extension of already existing religious freedom laws in Arizona.  Scoff if you wish.  It's a fact. You can interpret it any way you wish, it doesn't mean you're correct.  If the bill had been passed, it's true intent was to protect professionals and others from performing duties that may contradict their principles and/or yes, religious beliefs.  A good example of which would be the story of 12 nurses in New Jersey that found themselves in just that situation.

Some gay business owners had stated that they would refuse service to any Arizona politician or private citizen that supported the bill, or does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle due to....beliefs and lifestyle. Nah.  No hypocrisy there.  Of course the very same media who vilified the bill and those who supported it (again, what the media says was in the bill) cheered and applauded the shop-owners for their "strength and conviction."  Hypocrisy, thy name is media.

Let me quote President Obama when he says, "let me be clear,"  (of course you won't have to listen to anyone tomorrow morning trying to decipher what I "meant by that" after saying let me be clear like he does, but I digress)

Anyways, let me be clear when I say, I am not homophobic, I am totally indifferent to this.  I simply don't care.  What I do care about is the spreading of misinformation and the lame-stream media has done it again. Stop being activists.  Stop being Obama sycophants.  Stop giving us your opinion.  We don't care.  Tell us the facts (you know real ones) and let us decide.  Then, simply, SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!
By the way, Joy Reid of MSNBC (and others who call themselves "opinion journalists") since you have already admitted to not caring about actual facts when you admitted to indeed being a "journalist" who thinks that means people want to hear your opinion instead of the facts of the day, get out of the business.  Your useless and you're a disgrace.


1) Do not make yourself a part of the story.
2) You have no opinion

Apparently Reid and those responsible for misleading the public trust in the main story above didn't and never do, get the memo.


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