Saturday, March 01, 2014

Palin was Right...Again

Let's see, death panels?  Check.  Blood libel?  Check.  Paul Revere?  IRS?  Check.  Obamacare?  Check. And guess what?  She's right again about her prediction involving Vladimir Putin and Ukraine.  Mock her.  Hate her.  As with most liberals, they do both simply out of hand.  I could just say they do it because she's smarter than them (which is true and they know it-another reason for their ridicule) but they do it because...well, their liberals and it's innate in them to hate anyone they disagree with.  That and they're totally ignorant of history, of course.

Just as a side note; Israel in "Palestine" is an occupation.  U.S. troops in Iraq is an invasion/occupation.  But Russian troops inside of the sovereign Ukraine, that's an "uncontested arrival?"  Anything to protect Obama from looking feckless I suppose.  The Ukrainians are certainly sure what to call it.  Warning.  There is that little "threat" by Obama towards Vladimir Putin that the media are describing as "a stern warning," so don't be drinking anything whilst reading it, lest you want said drink to come out of your nose.

By the way the steadfast president of the United States, according to the lapdog media, said if Putin doesn't re-call his troops from Ukraine, "there will be costs of any military intervention."  Oooh.  You know, like when he "warned" Syria's Bashar al-Assad about crossing a "red line."  A red line that Obama denied saying, then back-peddled to say it was the "world's red line."  To which no one took him seriously anyway, as usual.  Then he got punk'd by Putin.

Next round, before it even starts?  Palin.  Again.


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