Friday, February 28, 2014

Democrats Race-Based Lies (And on and on and on)

What will the hard-core race-baiting lefties respond to this one without actually calling the author a "token" or an "Uncle Tom" as per usual when African-Americans stand up and see through the usual racism inherited in the Party of Byrd.

A little reminder from Black & Right about how the Democrats and their media enablers simply will not tell the truth about their disgusting, racist past that they've white-washed (pardon the pun) their history in academia, the media and in their own textbooks (sanctioned and distributed by state-liberals in political power-senators, governors, etc) all in the name of misinformation and outright lies.

Even today the ignorant and liars try to play the "Dixiecrat" myth whenever and whenever their lies are debunked.  Tell me how many times have you heard that old B.S. line of "the two parties switched their belief systems?"

The real unintentionally funny (as well as disturbing) part  is the young and naive college-age crowd, while being a captive and indoctrinated crowd, have no recourse in correcting the record when even agenda-driven professors in liberal-minded universities threaten them with grade-reduction, not to mention trying to embarrass and humiliate them when they point out such flaws in logic and history.  From there, liberal projection begins in earnest.

And let us not forget (as much as the left tries to) that the Klu Klux Klan was created as a militant wing of the Democrat party with members such as Democrat senator Robert Byrd, who simply "apologized" and all was forgiven.  Along with everything being (conveniently) forgotten  as well.


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