Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Hillary Papers: MSM Scooped (Again)

Once again, it took someone not a member of the liberal establishment to break a story that shows the true colors of Hillary Clinton's stubbornness, ruthlessness and general witchiness that everyone knows about, but will not let the public (who doesn't know already) about her past.

The Washington Free Beacon published their take on Shrillary's past only to find she hasn't changed at all, but no one on the left knows this, for all their time in their "progressive" bubble do they think she is the well, I guess since the left love to base their heroes on skin color and gender nowadays (as long as they're steeped in the leftist Culture of Death) she will be the Great White Female Hope.  Except she's white, so that may be a problem with the liberal-guilt-laden bleeding hearts.  But maybe not.  After all, her husband was the "first black president" don't you know? 
That may be a surprise to all the Obamaphiles out there.  But what the hell?  Since George Zimmerman was apparently the first "White Hispanic" in history, Obama is the first "White African" president.  At least he's still the first something.  He's certainly not the first Democrat failure in the White House, so that's out.

The media is doing their darnedest to make sure this too is white-washed.


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