Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Speaking of Lies

Weasel Harry Reid, the supposed "leader" of the Senate said that "Despite all the good news, there's plenty of horror stories being told.  And that "They're all untrue."

Really Weasel? 

Even today, reports are out about more premiums being raised

According to, a non-partisan research group "tracking money in U.S. politics and it's effect on elections and public policy," the Koch brothers, who are apparently the epitome of everything evil (along with FOX News of course) are listed 59th in total political contributions in the past 15 years.  The top five were union contributions affiliated with Democrat causes.  Has Reid even heard of George Soros?  Of course he has.  They know each other quite well.  No mention of his billions and his "funneling money through all kinds of organizations."  As if Soros isn't trying to "buy America."

By the way, you can bet your bottom dollar Weasel Harry won't mention too much about Soros buying stock in Halliburton.  Doesn't that make him eeviiiillll?

Is Weasel Harry calling all the factual cases of people losing their insurance, being laid off due to their employers not being able to afford Obamacare premiums; not to mention 2.5 million job hours to be lost, liars?   Of course he is.  That's what he does.  The mission of the Democrats now is to simply convince the masses that they cannot do no wrong and that they know what's best for everybody  Their base already believes it, now their trying to convince independents that socialized medicine in a fee-market society can be simply implemented overnight.  Remember: you had to pass the bill (dishonestly) before you could know what was in it.

The only lies being perpetrated are the ones spewing everyday out of the useless pie holes of Dems like Reid, Nancy Pelosi (who you can tell that even David Gregory knows she doesn't have a clue) and Barack Obama.

Facts and liberals.  Like oil and water.

Wait. Who's the liar again?


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