Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Swats Fly, PETA Goes Nuts!!

Are you kidding me? Tell me they're not this crazy.
Everybody knows I'm far from an Obama fan, but give me a break.

By the way, did you see the size of that thing? That wasn't a fly, it was a bat!

And, I know, not very news worthy. Just another chance to show how "awesome" the president is, but...meh.

But have you noticed all the Obamaphiles going crazy already?
"It's like he's got one of those fly Terminator targeting systems in his eyes," said one of his leading cheerleaders, Jon Stewart.
There are others:

"You just have to appreciate the, the concentration and the precision," said David Gregory.
Head cheerleader, Chris Tingle said, "We've also just confirmed the President is a Ninja."
And on Good Morning America, Chris Cuomo exasped, with a telestrator and all mind you,
"You see? He stares at the fly. How many times have each of us tried to do this? Look at the hand coming up. The poise. The cupping. And the quick slap...Just knocked it away, very rare."

Does the love affair get any more obvious...or sickening? It was a fly for Obama's (oops, I mean God's) sake!!


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