Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Bombastic Obama

The man can do no wrong.  If you doubt it, just ask him. 

First came the promise of Hope and Change.  Nope.  Then he said he could heal the Earth and recede the tides.  Nope.  Next up?  Because of his Muslim heritage and education and due to his upbringing in a Muslim land, Obama, the great seer and demi-god that he and his sycophant press thinks he is, thought he could just whiff through foreign relations with Islamic leaders and countries.  An apology here, an apeasement there.  Everything would be all right.  Well, not so much judging from the violence in Libya, Egypt and Syria and the murder of an American ambassador-who's murderers Obama later apologized to.

First, he would cleanse by confession. Then he would heal. Why, given the unique sensitivities of his background — “my sister is half-Indonesian,” he proudly told an interviewer in 2007, amplifying on his exquisite appreciation of Islam — his very election would revolutionize relations.

And his policies of accommodation and concession would consolidate the gains: an outstretched hand to Iran’s mullahs, a first-time presidential admission of the U.S. role in a 1953 coup, a studied and stunning turning away from the Green Revolution; withdrawal from Iraq with no residual presence or influence; a fixed timetable for leaving Afghanistan; returning our ambassador to Damascus (with kind words for Bashar al-Assad — “a reformer,” suggested the secretary of state); deliberately creating distance between the United States and Israel.
These measures would raise our standing in the region, restore affection and respect for the United States and elicit new cooperation from Muslim lands.

-Charles Krauthammer
Democrats won't admit to an obvious, colossal foreign policy failure, the closest they have gotten is the tried and true, "it's not our fault, it's Bush's fault."  That's about as close as an admission of failure that you'll get from this administration.  But to argue or spin that the so-called "Cario Doctrine" is anything but another Obama failure of the biggest magnitude.  Unless of course you count the recent murder of an American ambassador in Libya as worse, but that is a result of the above failed Mid-East policy, not an "isolated incident" as the left is fond of saying.  Funny how these "isolated incidents" have the same end game and are carried out by the same perpetrators, isn't it?  Ah, those damn man-made disasters.


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