Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Blames Bush...Again!

Fast and Furious.  Still haven't heard of it?  No?  The scandal that was supposed to rock the White House and the foundations of the Department of Justice?  Ah, the mainstream media and their unshakable dedication to their jobs as the "bearers of truth," except when it comes to one of their favorite sons.

After over two and a half years, the MSM has still not only not reported to the American people what their president and Attorney General have done in their role of the death of a United States border security officer, but putting that aside for now, what about the cost of this failure that not only robbed the American people of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, but also armed Mexican drug cartels to murder more American law enforcement officials.  What does the President of the United States say about it?  What else?  It's Bush's fault.


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