Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MSNBC and the Continuing Edited Video Legacy

And yet again MSNBC is guilty of selectively editing video.  This time it's snooty, arrogant Martin Brashear and his (surprise) dishonest editing team that has successfully lied to their puny little audience of sheep again in an attempt to elicit emotional support, using dead children as political props, to ban "assault" weapons like the AR-15.

Let me be totally clear, nobody should have said anything (First Amendment aside) to Neil Heslin, father of slain Sandy Hook victim, six-year-old Jesse Lewis while Heslin was giving an emotional, heart-wrenching testimony at a Connecticut legislative meeting.  The man lost his "best friend, [his] buddy."  I am not a monster, nor am I immune to the emotion and sympathy such a testimony elicits.
However, my beef is not with Mr. Heslin or any of the Sandy Hook victims families.  My beef is with the continuing politicization of the left and especially the disgusting opportunists and manipulators on the left, especially at MSNBC and their deceptive, dishonest, out-of-context video manipulation and lies.

How many times are they going to get away with this?  How many times does it take for an Ed Schultz, Andrea Mitchell, Lawrence O'Donnell or now Martin Brashear to deliberately and without conscience lie to the world without any consequences whatsoever?  I know journalistic integrity was utterly destroyed when MSNBC went on the air, but doesn't anyone at NBC Universal care for the truth?  Anyone?

Breslin and the Sandy Hook families should be even more outraged that Brashear and MSNBC are using them as tools.


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