Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberal Media Ignore Dem's Sex with Minors Scandal

It's time again to play "What If It Were A Republican?"

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez allegedly had sex with underage prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic the Daily Caller charges.  While we wait for the facts to come in, the mainstream media is oddly silent on the matter.  I say oddly because this should be a big story.  Probably even a bigger story than the Anthony Wiener Twitter scandal.  You'd figure regardless of who is involved in the story or party affiliation, the networks may want to garner some sort of up spike in their minuscule ratings.

Menendez obviously denies the allegations, but where is the top of the hour news briefs about it?  Yes, I haven't heard, up to this point, even one soundbite about the story let alone a whole report on it.
Apparently the MSM has known about this since at least August 1 of last year (probably even before then) but chose to sit on it.

So to get back to my opening question, how long do you think it would take for the MSM to hound Menendez if he were a Republican?  Yes.  That is a rhetorical question.


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