Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama-Clinton Love Affair Just A Continuation

There's nothing new with the liberal, mainstream media defending and spinning everything President Obama does, and I mean everything.  It's not even that surprising to see the media slobbering over the congressional statements concerning Benghazi by Hillary Clinton. Not to mention not calling Obama on his "joke" about Benghazi.   After that is one really surprised with the slobbering interviews and softball questions by the likes of Steve Kroft?

There's a reason it's become "Syrupy Minutes."

But really, do "respected" (chuckle) media types really think they're holding on to viewers-and their dwindling reputations-by fawning over Barack Obama like teenage girls at a Beatles concert. I expect fools like Al Roker to be the television goof that the is.  He's made a career on being the Today show's jocular weatherman.  But to have so-called (again chuckle) "respected" newsmen like CNN's Wolf Blitzer unabashedly dropping all pretense of professionalism and objectivity by giddily waving to the president after his second inauguration,

Don't even get me started on the plethora of examples of slobbering, unprofessional liberal news sycophants championing Obama's inauguration, like CNN, playing up the savior angle yet again.  Oh, and still finding time to blame Bush as well.

What defense is left to declare the MSM is not totally biased and just a continuation of the propaganda arm of the Democrats?


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