Monday, January 28, 2013

Piers Morgan: Not Much To Say?

In yet another boring and tired attempt to lecture law-abiding, legal gun-owning Americans of how "out of touch" they are, CNN host Piers Morgan once again tried to be the "voice of reason," as he sees it, and get two young female gun owners to say they don't need multiple-firing weapons to defend themselves.
In an attempt to throw the second amendment under the bus, Piers is left slack-jawed once again by people who know what they re talking about.

Have you noticed ever since he had his a$$ handed to him by Ben Shapiro that Morgan has turned his ignorance toward women gun owners.  FAIL!  He didn't do to well against them either.  You notice he trotted out that "how many of the three million Americans that own AR-15 ever used them to defend themselves?"  He got his answer didn't he?  Time permitting, he would have heard more.  Of course he would have cut them off before they finished the extensive list anyway.  At least he didn't call them "unbelievably stupid."  Funny, because these ladies were defending the same points as any other gun rights advocate he's had on.

In a related story, CBS is doing their best to brainwash Americans into giving up their guns, because, according to Charles Osgood, the United States constitution may not be "worthy of reverence."


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