Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MSNBC's Finney: "Crazy Crackers On the Right..."

The closet racists over at the DNC's MSNBC aren't so closeted anymore.  That is of course unless you count Toure Neblett, Al Sharpton and pretty much any "talent" they put in front of a camera.

But it was this little quip by former Democratic National Committee communications director Karen Finney who actually said, while discussing of all things, (yawn) Republican "code words" or "dog whistles" (whatever that means) for racist remarks, "...these guys know, those, you know, crazy crackers on the right, like if they start with their very hateful language...."
And nobody on the panel skipped a beat or even raised so much as an eyebrow to call her on it.  So clearly even the white panelists (you know the pasty white liberals that cry racism at everything even more than any black American would) agree with her racist assertions.

Finney tried to white-wash her racism on Twitter by saying she meant to say crackpots, because crackpot and cracker are the same thing.  Riiiight.


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