Friday, May 10, 2013

More Fraud from the MSM

Is it any wonder that people like me and followers of Jon Stewart can agree more and more about the brazen arrogance and fraudulence that is the mainstream media?  Especially that of CNN?

It's no wonder Stewart takes them to task nearly every night when they pull stunts like this.

 Did they really not figure that viewers would notice the same trucks, cars and buses passing by each woman?  I mean the exact same trucks, cars and buses?  

How insulting that CNN and the rest of the MSM keep doing these things.  Manipulated video from MSNBC (health care, Benghazi, Rick Perry, Sandy Hook, etc)  manipulated audio from NBC (George Zimmerman) Where does it end?  Probably with their bankruptcy when all sponsors are pulled after the bottom falls out of their ratings.  One could hope at least.


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