Monday, May 13, 2013

Time to Start Impeachment Procedings?

As George Will pointed out on ABC This Week, "just imagine...if the George W. Bush administration had an IRS underling...saying that we're going to target groups with the word progressive in their title, we would have all hell breaking loose." Of course he is dead-on accurate.  The left-wing and their media acolytes would be going berserk.  They would already be calling for the impeachment of the 43rd president for, as Will also stated, "'violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.' Section 1, Article 2, the Impeachment Articles of Richard Nixon."

Of course, Will wasn't suggesting that Obama be impeached (not yet anyway) but he was pointing out the obvious double-standard that the media treated Richard Nixon as a criminal, yet they can't seem to bring themselves to apply the same moral compass with the current president.
"Oh, another vast right-wing conspiracy," they'll say.  "It's not the same thing," they'll say.  Carl Bernstein, the investigative journalistic partner of Bob Woodward, who together infamously brought down the administration of Nixon, and rightfully so, has already stated that he "can't imagine" that Obama would be involved in this IRS scandal of targeting conservative groups.  Why?  Because, apparently, "we know a lot about President Obama" and although it's true that, at the moment, there is no hard evidence linking him to this scandal, Bernstein is just another "progressive" that just can't see Obama using the IRS for retribution against his political enemies because, darn it, he's just too nice to do such a thing.  

Did Bernstein just say the press has been "all around aggressive on Benghazi?"  *ahem* Anyways...

One should remember that Obama's director of Homeland Security, Janet Nopalitano named the Tea Party (as luck would have it, the same political caucus that the IRS was targeting) as a "right-wing extremist group," and that they should be treated and monitored as violent and as a threat to the Republic.
So who called the shots on that one?  Who released Nopalitano on the Tea Party back then?  Me thinks that little tidbit should be investigated also.

By the way, the IRS found absolutely nothing on any member of the Tea Party during this debacle, destroying yet another meme about the caucus and their supporters.  At least they still have the phony racism charges making the rounds as they have since the Tea Party's inception.


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