Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sharpton Still Finding New Ways to Allow Democrat Racism

I'm not going to waste my time by reiterating how much of a racist-hustling pimp this douche bag is, we all know his disgusting history.  But here is yet another instance in which the good "reverend" always finds a way to not only keep racism, hate and divisiveness alive, but to always look to the right for some racist bogeyman instead of looking right in his own back yard where it lives in droves.

As a commentor said in a post recently, "This clown sees racism in separating white meat from dark meat on a chicken."  Priceless.

Sharpton is not the only one consistently playing the pathetic card.  The ridiculously-named Krystal Ball at MSNBC also tried to play on liberal white-guilt by predictably ignoring the past racism of the Democrats and with a straight face told her small band of viewers that Republicans in Virginia are the "rightful heir[s] to the Jim Crow legacy."

It never ends with these clowns, does it?


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