Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Lefty Shooter

Surprise, surprise.  The latest loon to go on a shooting spree is yet another left-wing nut-job.  That makes it what, a 17-1 ratio of lefty shooters to that of right-wing persuasion since Timothy McVeigh in 1995?  For our literal lefty readers, I'm just sarcastically exaggerating (I think).  I use McVeigh and 1995 as the time bar, seeing as he is the last right-winger, if not conservative the liberals love to grasp onto when trying to fathom a right-wing harbinger of evil.

So really, let's look a this,

Left-wing shooters since 1995:
Karl Pierson
Adam Lanza
James Holmes
James Jay Lee
Floyd Corkins, Jr.
Jared Loughner
Aaron Alexis
Seung-Hui Cho
Christopher Dorner
Amy Bishop

And those are just the ones I can think of right now. Because I really, really can't think of any right-wing shooters.  And if they weren't splashed across your television screen 24/7; you know they weren't right-wingers.

Right-wing terrorists since 1995:
Timothy Mcveigh, and, um...that's it.  If there's any other out there of note, let me know.

Although the media has tried to desperately pin such crimes on people like James Holmes of Aurora because he was a member of the Colorado Tea Party with the same name as the theater shooter.  You can bet they were chomping at the bit at that one.

So, we know there will be another mass shooting.  What ideology-assuming the perpetrator isn't just all out wacko-do you think he'll possess?  If it's not mental illness, it's far left-wing thinking.
Apples and oranges and all that.

Want to know about the history of left-wing violence (lefties, feel free to find your own right-wing agents to remind me of) see here.

And here's something to make your head's explode a little further:


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