Thursday, December 05, 2013

Bashir Resigns

After suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth (and the left-wing media ignoring it for weeks because, you know, it's Palin, so who cares?) for nothing less than publicly disagreeing with her on government policy,  MSNBC's Martin Brashear has resigned from the network.

Of course the debates will begin about how the left see what Bashir did as no big deal (because afterall suggesting someone should crap in a conservative's mouth is fair game in the "progressive" world, especially if that woman is a conservative woman; double especially if that conservative woman is Sarah Palin.)

Since when does a slip up in what newspapers someone reads (a comment made overfive years ago) allow that person to be insulted, degraded, wished rape and death upon that of her and her family?
As the above link says, when Rush Limbaugh made albeit rude and unneccesary comments toward Sandra Fluke, the left wanted his head on a plate.  Don Imus was fired for his comments towards the Rutgers NCAA womens basketball team members, calling them "nappy-headed hos."  Remember, both Limbaugh and Imus caught heat immediately from the so-called intelligencia.  Bashir has been allowed an extra three weeks (give or take a couple of days) to keep his job and his (and of course the network's) brand of indoctrination and childishness disguised as "news," without hardly anyone on the left making a peep about it. Certainly not the networks.

But then again why are we even remotely surprised by this after all this time?


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