Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two More Ignorant, Hate-Filled Lefties Off the Air

So lib-talk hate-spewer Randi Rhodes (of course not her real name) has been let go from her radio network.  The people at Premier Network have finally seen the light and have booted the ratings-killer.  And the brilliant thing is she did it to herself.  No conservative-held rallies or petitions to "silence" her.  Just bad ratings and insane, unpopular left-wing rhetoric.

Maybe it was Bush's fault.  Or perhaps even Rush Limbaugh.  If it were, either one should take a bow. Now, let's help Mike Malloy along, who in my opinion is much, much worse.  Just let him do what he does and he too will eventually be gone.

Another lefty who loves to hate those he disagrees with, the extremely racist W. Kamau Bell, has also joined the unemployment line.


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