Thursday, November 14, 2013

POLL: More People Trust FOX News for Information About ObamaCare than from Obama

Again, I'm not one for polls, seeing how pretty much any answer can be derived from manipulating close-ended questions.  So I'm hestitant in even pointing this one out.  But if true, I'm not surprised.  I know all you FOX-hating lefties do, mostly due to being told what theuy say (again, most FOX-haters have not even witnessed 15 straight minutes of any show be it Bill O'Reilly or others)

But to be fair, they have their agenda as do all other news organizations.  That in and of itsef is pathetic, as even FOX has lost a lot of my trust over the last few months.  Not even remotely close to the networks have and I've never trusted MSNBC to begin with (that started pretty much with the cropping of a black man in frame carrying a pistol and "assault" rifle, all the way to the audio and video manipulations and lies about George Zimmerman)

It's just I love watching the left's collective heads spin when they try and re-write history and ignore or whitewash the facts to their own looney narrative.


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