Thursday, November 21, 2013

About This Brashear Thing

So once again a "personality" on MSLSD has vehemently vocally and publicly defiled a woman on the air.  And once again (and again and again) the left-wing media and so-called feminists are completely mum about it.

Martin Brashear, the highly ignorant and hateful misogynist (one of many on the so-called "network") has yet again made disgusting, hateful comments directed toward his favourite female punching bag, Sarah Palin.  This time the pig that Brashear is said, while once again taking Palins comments clearly out of context-even after she predicated  her words  about being beholden to foreign debt, that someone should defecate and/or urinate in Palin's mouth (which you KNOW would never had been said if Palin were sitting directly across from him)

Dana Perino called him on it, as has Dee Dee Myers, President Clinton's White House Press Secretary.  The mainstream media and especially the woman themselves on MSNBC...nada!

Howard Kurtz say Brashear is "sad, pathetic and disgusting."  Let's not forget a misogynistic pig.

Keep it classy Marty and you oh-so-caring-and-sensitive-to-woman-at-MSNBC.

Rush Limbaugh had a good question (although it has really nothing to do with misogyny) about what if someone suggested defecating in Obama's mouth?  It wouldn't be so disgusting as it would be, you guessed it, R-A-C-I-S-T!

Left-wing outrage, where art thou?

Brashear did attempt to appease Palin, the sponsors and MSNBC brass (I guess, since neither one has said boo about the whole thing) but if he is simply allowed to say whatever he wants, then make a half-assed apology (a la David Letterman who recently admitted that he only apologized to Sarah Palin and her family for saying the New York Yankees Alex Rodrguez should have had sex with Palin's youngest daughter Piper during the seventh inning stretch, so that Letterman could "continue to make fun of her.")

What else is new on the "bend over" network?


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