Thursday, November 14, 2013

Logan/Rather: A Comparison

We all know about the dishonest agenda by former CBS anchor Dan Rather to manipulate and lie to Americans about George W. Bush's National Guard record to affect the outcome of the 2004 general election, which failed, and he was fired along with CBS producer Mary Mapes.

Now that Lara Logan has admitted on air that her interview with Dylan Davies has resulted in blowback to the network due to the story being bogus (after his story he told on 60 Minutes conflicted with his statements to the FBI) some, like Salon writerAlex Pereene, have suggested, nay demanded, that Logan be fired.'s A.J. Delgado says the "scandals" are diiferent and Logan is not to blame.

I don't really know either way.  What do you think?


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