Thursday, November 21, 2013

Networks Make Sure They Identify as Republican in Cocaine Bust

When was the last time a Democrat was arrested?  How many stories did you see on it?  How many times was it even mentioned before being scrapped as a story altogether?  How did you even know it was a Democrat?

The sad fact is you probably don't.  Even if it was last night or this morning, I doubt if you know his or her political affiliation.  It happens with authors as guests as well.  When someone like Anne Coulter or Mark Levine happens to frequent a morning talk show, they are inevitably called a "conservative author" whereas someone such as Micheal Moore is simply described as an "author" or "filmmaker. or one of my personal favourites, an "activist."  No "liberal" precursors, no "progressive" tags when they're introduced.

Oh but when a Republican is under investigation, the liberal networks sure go out of their way to convince you of right-wing malfeasence, don't they?

Such is the case with Trey Radel, a "conservative Republican" that all six networks went out of their way to ensure you know was pinched for cocaine possession.  They also ensured you know he's a Tea Party Republican.  Well, they got one!  I guess this makes up for Brian Ross of ABC falsely linking the Aurora, Colorado shooter Jim Holmes to the Tea Party due to the men having the same name.

It's not the fact that a conservative Republican was busted, it's the same old story of the MSM bending over backwards to tell you the alleged perpetrator is a right-winger.

Did they do that with Jesse Jackson Jr?  Nope.  Did they do it with Thomas Porteous?  Nope.  How about Mike Crapo?  Hardly.

But I bet even though you probably never heard of Duke Cunningham, Samuel Kent, or Rick Renzi before their transgressions.  All republicans.  But I'm sure at the time, you knew their party affiliation before you knew their crimes.
Not that they shouldn't have faced the music, but is it really any wonder why a lot of the public think the Dems are made of teflon and can do no wrong?


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