Saturday, January 04, 2014

Apology Accepted?

It's not for me to decide, the seemingly sincere and emotional apology by MSNBC's Melissa-Harris Perry is for the family of Mitt Romney to accept or decline.  I think she deserves a break.  I  believe the Romney family will also.

But the queation must be asked.  Why did she put herself in this position in the first place?  It also must be asked, is she apologizing only because she got heat from it?  Martin Bashir's callous and disgusting insult to Sarah Palin went unchallenged for a week before Bashir was forced to resign-Yes, forced.  Like he just automatically came to his senses and had an attack of dignity?
Why was she using such vile and yes, racist language and/or imagery?  How did she think that was funny?  Again, if any conservative or Republican had done what she and her riot squad had done, you know what the result would have been.

But, I digress.


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