Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Maddow Misinforms Her Audience Yet Again

Rachel Maddow the Crown Prince (sort of speak) of MSNBC has fans and followers that vehemently maintain that she is the most intelligent and accurate personality on television.  The problem is she has been caught again and again using either completely false or misleading comments on her one-woman show to throw vitriol at the right, be it the Republican party or conservative groups such as the Tea Party.

How many times has Maddow or her fellow MSNBCers been caught dishonestly manipulating video to lie to their viewers?  Or using misogynistic or racist comments to get a laugh from their base?  Olbermann, Bashir, Sharpton and Harris-Perry, I'm talking to you.  Not to mention Toure Neblett, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz.

Maddow has now misrepresented the eviiiiiil Koch brothers (as she so often does) donations that supposedly support laws in Florida to drug test welfare recipients.

You know, for someone that is supposedly a Rhodes Scholar, she sure doesn't know her facts very well.

By the way, why doesn't the left's puppet master George Soros get the rubber glove treatment from Maddow and the rest of MSNBC's motley crew?  Oh, right.  They agree with his assertions and agenda. Duh.


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