Sunday, January 05, 2014

When a Racial News Story Is Not News

When Caucasians are the victims.  Which is almost always.  Unless when it's black on black violence which is ignored almost as much.

The knock-out game. We all know what it is and what it's about.  The progressive media knows what it's about as well and we all know why these attacks aren't being reported in the mainstream media.  Supreme racist, Attorney General Eric Holder has already showed his true colors and shown his hand on what side he stands on.  And no, it's not the Black Panther voter intimidation story either.  Nope.  Holder has finally laid federal charges on a "knock-out game" perpetrator.  But not for the reasons the racist, lying incompetent boob would have you believe.

In reference to Conrad Barrett.  A man from Texas who decided, wrongly, to test the double standards of the laws in the age of Obama.

Holder's real reason, and excuse, is on record:

"Well, this is clearly different," said Attorney General Eric Holder when questioned why he had chosen not to act before. "Look, being black myself, I understand the repression that makes black youth sometimes act out a little, but this individual had no reason whatsoever to do what he did - we're sending a message that this kind of racial violence will not be tolerated."

Oh, don't worry, there's more to come on this stuff.


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