Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Class Keller

Former New York Times editor Bill Keller is still showing why the "paper of record" has dwindeling readership, lagging influence and still no class when they hire ideological douchebags like him to run their empire.

Recently, keller penned a column in his old haunting grounds and eviscerated a dying cancer patient and told her to basically suck it up and die with grace like her father did in Britain with their universal health care.

And it's the Republicans and/or the right that "wants people to die."  Sarah palin predicted a long time ago abou tthe left's "death panels" that would come with Obamacare when everyone becomes just a number under the governent-run system.  With that, not being able to keep your own plan and doctor, "if you like them," not to mention the government controlling 1/6 of the economy.  Of course the lefty media tried to embarrass her and call her a liar who, "hates old people."

Well she was vindicated by none other than Jay Carney who admitted as much in a White House press conference, as did former Obama "czar" Steven Rattner, Paul Krugman, Cynthia Tucker and others. Krugman going so far as to say death panels are "needed."

Just as their "war on woman" comes back to bite them whenever White House female employees and their uneven income levels are brought into the conversation, Keller has revealed the true intentions and mindset of the left when it comes to the old and frail.

Keller is still a proud enemy of the people.  The douche.


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