Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Happened?

What the hell happened to people like Dan Rather and David Letterman who together on Sept. 17, 2001 passionately and rightly stood vehemently behind President Bush after 9/11. How could Letterman (who I believe this night did the nation a great service by his monologue) go from this to this.

Rather on the other hand was the one who was making all of today's
conservative arguments that he somehow dissented from along the way from this night to this. There he was, more or less honoring the President and telling everyone-that's millions of Letterman viewers-what President Bush, along with conservatives and Republicans have been saying since day one: The War on Terror will take years and that "we're in it for the long haul." He gave praise (if you can believe it) to Rumsfeld, Powell and the like. The same goes for Rudy Guilliani. He made the correct statement that true Muslims are not the problem; fanatic, fundamentalist-extremists are. al Qaeda, Hezzbola, Hamas and all the rest of the terrorist groups do not want anything from us but our deaths. There is to be no negotiations (nor should there be) with "people" that will stop at nothing to ensure our collective destruction. There he was, the pre-"fake, but accurate" Dan Rather. The anchor of the CBS Evening News that we could trust, that we could depend on. If we only knew. Then again, he did this same type of "agressive reporting" to help bring down Nixon. One has to wonder where his professional integeity and intuition was when Slick Willy was in office.


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