Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Michelle's Bill in Action: Kids Complain about Hunger; Officials Claim Wasted Food

So much for the FLOTUS being a dietary hero.  About two years after First Lady Michelle Obama pleaded with a lame-duck, though empathetic Congress to pass her sponsored bill that essentially forces children to have foods, although healthy, put on their trays and plates in school cafeteria's nation-wide, a mutiny of sorts has begun.  The kids are not forced Gustapo-style to eat the healthier choices, but the schools are mandated to serve these foods at the expense of what the kids actually woulf like, i.e. their choice.  Also, the rate of wasted food and hungry students that only get the minimum required calorie intake are now being heard. 

I'm not going to bombard Ms. Obama with negativity on trying to sincerely get children healthier and make wise lifestyle choces.  I get it.  But seeing the First Lady and her two daughters gorge on burgers, ribs, french fries and desserts (not to mention her children's recently-released school lunch menu of Philly Cheese Steak, Cheesy Ziti Bake with Alfredo Sauce; Asian Coconut Chicken; Sweet Italian Sausages and Senegalese Chicken) while on their multitude of vacations compounded with taking away school lunch choices (and in many cases schools outright banning parents from sending their grade-school kids to school with bagged lunches) is a little hypocritical and kind of defeats the point of her dietary crusade.

Maybe now she'll listen to the people that actualy have to eat the choices she made for them.

Just ask yourself why she has piece of mind about her own children being fed properly at school while the rest of America's parents have to decide whether peanut butter and jelly will suffice until they get home?  At the very least, why do her girls eat a variable five-course meal while the rest of America's kids get peaches, alfalfa sprouts and salad?  There's a reason most vegetarians are undernourished.  Meat=protein.  Like the kind that her husband and her served their guests at last years Super Bowl party.  Burgers, pizza, ribs, nachos, beer and pop topped the list, with a serving of salad, vegetables and dip (although not forced upon).  

Only a few weeks ago M.O. served children of guests at a "Kids State Dinner" a sample of the rest of America can expect during the Obama's tenure in the White House: cabbage sloppy joes and zucchini fries.  Although, I've had zucchini fries and truth be told, they're not all that bad.  However, it wouldn't be a part of my regular diet and I certainly wouldn't force my kids to eat it (then again, neither does she) much less othjer people's kids.


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