Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pakistani Railway Minister Puts Bounty on "Innocence of Muslims" Maker

So now that the Obama administration not only "detained" a private citizen and suspended his First Amendment rights all in the name of appeasing extremist, murdering Muslims hell bent on killing Americans and any Christian/Westerner just because, and the administration is still cowarding behind the excuse that a amateur-made "film" about Mohhamed and Muslims violent-prone beliefs caused a viloent uprising in Libya that resulted in the murder of American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens as well as three others, not centeries-old hatred, Obama-ordered drones bombing Muslims or even an al Qaeda pre-meditated attack.

And now that said citizen has a bounty on his head from the Pakistani Railway Minister, what ill Obama do to protect him or, God forbid who will he blame when some Muslim extremist collects on that bounty?  A bounty that Obama has yet to condemn by the way.  I'll give you one guess who he'll blame.  How much do you want to bet it'll be American insensitivity to the "religion of peace" born out of the previous administrations "cowboy policies' rather than some film that celebrates the death of what many Muslims consider to be not only a hero , but now, officially, a martyr.  Should the new film's release be stopped? (and remember, Obama gave special and unprecedented access to the filmakers to accentuate his phony legacy-which may or may not have been a breach of national security, which the left would say was definitely the case if Bush had narcissistically made a film about taking out Saddam Hussein for example)

So what happens when Zero Dark Thirty (which should be pronounced "Oh Dark Thirty") hits theatres world-wide and another Muslim riot dy happens.  Who will Obama blame for the deaths of more Americans in the Middle East when that film pisses them off.  See it's okay to infuriate Muslims when it makes Obama look like a hawk and a killer of giants (although waiting 16 hours to make a no-brainer decision and then say "get him" isn't exactly rocket science) but when a private citizen makes a movie that he has every single right to make, that's just Islamophobia and religious intolerence.

Do you see the double standard that Obama and the left revel in yet?

By the way, how much credit will the film either give to George W. Bush for laying down the foundation and supplying the apparatus to even find bin Laden or will his name only be mentioned to say (erroneously) how much of a hinderence or complete failure Bush's hunt for bin Laden was.  If they mention him at all, my money is on the latter.


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