Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Nugent Punks Morgan Again

I guess CNN host and adamant gun-control advocate (yet a non-citizen) Piers Morgan likes the feeling of getting his butt handed to him.  Why else would the arrogant, smarmy host of Piers Morgan Tonight go through another vocal, common-sense beating from Ted Nugent, who even before the sandy Hook massacre, took Morgan to the woodshed on the rights and facts of gun ownership.

Sure, Nugent is a bit of an extremist.  Although he is yet to commit a mass shooting, as to coincide with what the tyranny-allowing crowd already thinks of him.  But the bottom line is, Nugent is right and although the would-be gun confiscators are mainly scared of his appearance and slack-jawed by his patriotism and knowledge, Morgan must have thought that he could use Sandy Hook tragedy (like all the gun-control advocates) and once again stand on the graves of it's victims to tout his self-importance and one-sided point of view.

It didn't quite work out for Morgan this time either.


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