Monday, July 22, 2013

Just a Few Points on the Media and Race Stories

A further point on Whittle's "lean" reference.

And there was another shooting involving a black person wearing a hoodie.  You just know he hoodie-wearing minority HAS to be guilty!
Oh wait...

Now I know why Obama decided to inject himself in the Zimmerman case.  Not only to politicise it, fan the flames of racism and as a distraction for his scandals (in the meantime hoping for some pity to raise his popularity points again) but it was for "street cred."  Now I get it.  Unfortunately for this manipulative and opportunistic president, he lived a life of prestige and entitlement and has no clue about the "black experience," according to Kevin Jackson.

So how do you explain the success of Jay Z, Beyonce, Kareem Abdul-Jabarr, Magic Johnson, Emmitt Smith, Kobi Bryant, Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Richard Pryor, Redd Fozz, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle,  The Wayon Brothers, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Mia Love, oh and President Barack Hussein Obama if America is this great, massive sink-hole of unstoppable racism?  And those are just black and bi-racial success stories.  I haven't even touched on Hispanic and Asian celebrities.  Explain yourself race-baitor media.


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