Sunday, July 21, 2013

QUESTION: Why Don't We Know About This and Where Do We Get It?

Answer:  Because the pharmaceutical companies won't let you!

This is the Guyabano fruit.  It's been shown to not only reduce cancer cells, but to outright kill them.  Not only that, but unlike chemotherapy and its drug, Adriamycin, the extract from the guyabano tree does not harm any other human cells.  This goes not only for the tree's fruit, but the entire plant itself.  The bark, root, leaves, everything!

Even parts of the fruit itself seem to know no medical miracle boundaries.  The seeds themselves can be crushed and used against parasites such as worms or head lice.  The juice for use against diarrhea and many other deficiencies and illnesses.  Please click on the above link and follow all the pages.  Incredible!

So why isn't the world being introduced to this miracle, cancer-killing plant?  The bottom

Not to sound like Alex Jones, but there's definitely something wrong with this.

Not to say there aren't downsides, but with education and care, it is a crime this life-saving plant isn't being advocated as much as Tylenol is.


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