Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Manipulative Editing from MSNBC

Once again the posers at the Bend Over network MSNBC, the official arm of the Democrat Patry and royal buttwipers of one President Barack Hussein Obama, have manipulatively and dishonestly edited a piece of video that this time misrepresents George Will.

I don't expect the *cough* talent at MSNBC to change their dishonesty.  Why should they?  They've getting away with it for years now.  The NBC brass certainly knows their tactics and appaluds them.  Unless they fake outrage and throw someone to the lions that perhaps talked about deficating in a woman's mouth.  Not that they disagreed with the statement, judging by how long it took Martin Bashir to "resign."
Of coursr judging by their ratings and drop in sponsorship over the years, you would think they'd have at least some business acuman and get a clue.  But, alas, the stench-filled winds of change at MSLSD just don't.  Change.


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