Friday, January 31, 2014

More Racism from MSNBC

Even after MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry tearfully apologised for her and her panels insensitive and racist remarks regarding Mitt Romney's family picture with his black grandchild front and center, the "Bend Over" network is still at.

This time the failing "network" allowed (before deleting and "apologising" for it) a tweet about how a bi-racial Cheerios ad would be "hated" by conservatives.  Michelle Malkin took it upon herself to ask for said conservatives to send in pictures of their bi-racial family.  Probably at the joy of the right and disgust of the left.

Not even a month has gone by since Harris-Perry's "apology" (in quotes since you figure they do this so much, did she really mean it or were hers just crocodile tears?)  I assumed Harris-Perry was sincere and I believed her.  But yet once again, MSNBC proves they have no problem with hurling racist insults or race baiting all in the name of the left-wing B.S. narrative.

This idiotology is what MSNBC head Phil Griffin has aspired to.


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