Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FBI to Not File Charges Over IRS Targeting Conservatives

Another scandal Obama has gotten away with.

Although the investigation is ongoing, The Federal Bureau of Investigations will not be filing charges pertaining to accusations the Internal Revenue Service targweting conservative groups such as the Tea Party.
Although the IRS has apologized for this "phony scandal," my question is why would they if they did nothing wrong?  Damage control?  Possibly.  But wouldn't you wait until the facts are out and the investigation is complete until you give any definitive response?

The story is thus far that the IRS was simply a mismanaged bureaucracy enforcing rules it did not understand.  Now that I do believe, if Obama is the one who chose these people to run it.  He still can't fight the incompetency charge that has plagued him since day one.But this guy gets away with everything.  John Gotti had nothing on this guy.


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